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What are the safety regulations for spot welder use?

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What are the safety regulations for spot welder use?

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1. Before the operation, the oil on the upper and lower levels should be removed.

2. Before starting, first turn on the steering switch of the control line and the small switch of the welding current, adjust the number of poles, then turn on the water source and air source, and finally turn on the power.

3. After the welding machine is energized, check the electrical equipment, operating mechanism, cooling system, pneumatic system and body casing for leakage. The electrode contacts should be kept clean.

4. When working, the gas path and water cooling system should be unblocked. The gas should be kept dry. The drainage temperature must not exceed 40 ° C, and the displacement can be adjusted according to the temperature.

5. It is strictly forbidden to increase the fuse in the ignition circuit. When the load is too small to prevent the arc in the igniting tube from occurring, the ignition circuit of the control box must not be closed.

6. When the control box is deactivated for a long time, it should be energized for 30 minutes every month. When replacing the thyratron, it should be preheated for 30 minutes. The warm-up time of the normal working control box should not be less than 5 minutes.

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