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Introduction of main accessory components of automatic soldering machine

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Introduction of main accessory components of automatic soldering machine

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Introduction of main accessory components of automatic soldering machine

First, the thermostat can raise the temperature of the soldering iron to 300 degrees within six seconds, up to 600 degrees. 1. The controller can be combined with a tin feeder, a soldering iron group and a foot switch to form a simple soldering device. 2. The controller can cooperate with the tin feeder and the soldering iron group to form a soldering robot with the four-axis and above robots.

Second, precision tin feeder Sending tin speed, tin point size adjustable. Tin wire diameter Ф0.5-Ф1.6mm is optional. Adjustable tin feeder, precision stepper motor drive, precise control of tin output, with auxiliary tin feeding function. Broken tin function: Prevents the tin wire from splashing at high temperatures. At the same time of precision tin feeding, the knife-shaped gears take out small holes on the side of the tin wire to allow the flux to seep out, reduce the tin explosion caused by the boiling of the tin in the soldering process, and ensure the cleaning of the soldering parts and reduce the flux or It is the tin ball produced by the tin explosion that affects other sensitive parts on the PCB. Auxiliary tin feeding function: The feeding position of the secondary feeding tin of the tip of the soldering iron can be adjusted by adjusting the upper and lower positions of the positioning mechanism. The first stage of feeding tin can pre-empt the soldering iron head, so that the result of the flux is faster and perfect.

Third, the soldering iron group: card type soldering iron group, can be flexibly replaced with a variety of soldering iron tips. 1. The automatic soldering iron tip is positioned accurately and can be accurately aligned with the tin wire. 2, the tin tube can be adjusted up and down, left and right, flexible and convenient. 3. The soldering iron assembly can be adjusted at any angle and in any orientation. 4, with the robot, the iron group can be rotated 360 degrees freely.

Fourth, the iron tip series:

1. The high-precision thermocouple is located at the forefront of the soldering iron and can detect subtle changes in the temperature of the tip of the soldering iron tip;

2, up to 300 degrees in six seconds; up to 600 degrees

3, the card structure of the iron tip can be quickly replaced and easy to install;

4, automatic soldering iron tip form is diversified to meet a variety of soldering conditions.

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