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Brushless electric batch

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Brushless electric batch

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  • Release date:2019/07/16
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Detailed introduction

XS-BA300L Brushless Electric Screwdriver Electric Screwdriver Electric Batch Electric Screwdriver

DC automatic brushless electric screwdriver (new standard hand-held type)


●XS-BA200L ●XS-BA300L ●XS-BA400L


● Fully automatic electric screwdriver, when the screw lock reaches the set torque, the clutch will automatically trip and the motor will automatically

Power off and brake in time to stop the electric screwdriver.

●The whole machine adopts non-contact switch, which has longer life and lower maintenance rate. Three-stage positive and negative switch

●Adopt aircraft airless brush motor, no toner pollution, no noise interference, suitable for use in dust-free working environment.

●Torque adjustment is controlled by the torsion adjustment ring, which can be adjusted step by step. The rotation speed can be divided into two sections of Hi/Lo switch.

●High torque precision, stepless torque adjustment, easy operation, suitable for general electronic and electrical products,

Processing and assembly operations for small household appliances, toys, and computer peripheral accessories.


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