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Analysis of the reason why the iron tip is easy to blacken and not eat tin

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Analysis of the reason why the iron tip is easy to blacken and not eat tin

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Analysis of the reasons why automatic soldering iron tips are easy to black and do not eat tin

1. During the soldering process, too little flux in the tin wire will speed up the oxidation of the surface of the soldering iron tip, especially when the water-soluble flux is extremely corrosive at high temperatures, and it will damage the soldering iron tip;

2, the automatic soldering machine tin wire is not pure or the tin content is too low;

3, the temperature is too high, especially when the temperature exceeds 400 ° C, it is easy to make the tin surface oxidation;

4. The sponge used to clean the tip is too high in sulphur, too dry or too dirty, and it will also affect the tip;

5. The soldering iron tip of the automatic soldering machine is exposed to such as plastic, lubricating oil or other chemicals to cause oxidation;

6, when eating, not all tin is eaten.

In automatic soldering, the type and selection of the tip must be chosen. Incorrect selection of the tip will not only affect the efficiency of the automatic soldering machine, but also the quality of the solder will be greatly reduced.

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